is a spark, an illumination, a burst of energy. It is a sensation, a stimulus that spurs us to find meaning, break out of ordinary routine, push forward, create and develop. Inspiration awakens my desire to express myself.

Inspiration can come to me slowly and calmly, as a process, or like a flash of lightning that catches me unawares. Sometimes I see it; sometimes I don’t. Inspiration is what makes me go after my dreams and fulfill them. It is a mental state where everything is possible for me, where everything is exact and right and clear.

I believe we do not have to go far to find inspiration. It is right under our noses, in all things, in every place and time. I find inspiration in almost everything: ideas, people, buildings, nature, art, literature, music, sports, fashion, food. In short, life.

When I meet inspiration, I let it in. It saturates me, starts me up, and gets me going. When I feel its power, I can do nothing else. My passion burns and pulsates, filling my whole being and my mental space until there is no room for anything else. It thrills me. I feel alive. I am in motion, in action, at work. I am called upon to achieve, to give expression to my deepest self. Inspiration comes from within, spreads through me, and takes control, showing me what I should do and how. Then I go into the studio and create something new, different, fascinating, and original — something I have never created before: an interesting texture, an exciting flavor, a brand-new cake.

I received the inspiration for this book from the world’s greatest fashion designers, from artists and architects, and from the wonderful people around me who make it possible for me to get up in the morning and make my dreams come true.

I hope that this book will inspire you.


David Outmezgine

Patisserie Chef

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